Hillside Manor A Personal Care Home Community

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Flower Day

Today we are making flowers from different mediums.
Don't throw paper scraps out as they are so useful!

Daffodils-made out of cupcake liners and centers are paper scraps. Will add a lollipop stem for stability.
Q-Tip Paintings-We used art paper so the paper does not roll with wet paint. Outlined a flower cookie cutter.  Q-tips make a neat pattern and are so easy to use. It makes it fun for people at all skill levels.
Egg carton flower-I hate wasting left over paint. So cut up egg cartons into squares. Take left over paint and color the inside. Add a lollipop stem for stability.

Water base paint
Small book of artist paper
Flower Cookie Cutter
Cupcake liners
Egg cartons

Friday, February 22, 2019

Let's Go To The Hop!

The residents favorite entertainer put on another fabulous show! The theme was a Sock Hop!
Smiles all around!
People were singing, tapping their feet, clapping and dancing!
Trina outfitted the first row in crazy hair from the Pink Ladies Hair Salon! Everyone cheered the ladies on and everyone was giggling and smiling at their new hair!

What's Bugging You?

Wow! Check out these adult colorings made by two residents.

I saw this intricate page and knew some residents would be very interested. Once done I glued on origami paper to make it pop. I love the colors they picked! Both want their work hung in their room.

The residents are so excited for Trina the Entertainer at 2 PM today!

Thursday, February 14, 2019


Games and prizes!
We are having fun today!
We played AM BINGO! Excellent prizes were offered. After BINGO we played another favorite game, Shoot The Dice. Many winners and a lot of fun!
Our faithful Girl Scout Troop, 52394 made Valentine's for the residents which were placed at their lunch table.
Girl Scout Valentine's!
At 2 PM we will have our Valentine's Day party. Appetizers will be served and a goodie bag will be passed out. It is a joyful and positive day!
A resident made the heart and cup center pieces with me.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Getting Our Valentine's Ready!

Everyone is getting ready for our Valentine's Day Party!
Residents get a sheet of clever Valentines to color and sign on the back.

I will pass out at the party.
Everyone will get a valentine at the party as well as a goodie bag compliments of some hospice providers.
We will be serving appetizers and drinks.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Crafting A Door Collage

Residents were able to express their hobbies, favorite foods, pets, colors and more through a collage made out of magazine clippings.
Each person took a piece of cardboard for their base. Next they picked and cut magazine pieces.
Lastly, arranged on the board then glued down.
Once dried I hung outside their door.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Mammals of Pennsylvania Lecture

Naturalist, Sue Miller visited us this week. The residents loved something different and new! So many of our residents love animals and also have a strong intellectual interest in subjects. Everyone was truly captivated for the entire 60 minutes. She discussed mammals of PA with pelts and pictures. Really a great event!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Our Activities Room

Next to our very own chapel is the Activities Room. We do most of our crafts and games in this room. However it is also another space for residents to relax anytime they choose. There are always magazines, books and crosswords on a shelf for their pleasure. A large bay window looks out to trees and almost always wildlife fluttering, jumping and scurrying around.
Many residents enjoy taking their time and penciling in an adult coloring or working a crossword puzzle or just simply looking outside. Residents may also choose to join library club and receive books from the Carnegie library related to their interests.

Card Show on Wed!

The residents enjoyed a card show on Wed afternoon. It was a great change of pace. They really engaged Jim and Sheryl. It was so nice of them to volunteer their time.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Easy Bird Feeder

We love seeing the birds, squirrels and deer come close to the windows. So to entice them more we made hanging circle feeders. Great craft for keeping fingers nimble.
Everyone sat around and talked while they strung the cheerios on twine. You have to take your time so the twine does not fray and twist.

What you need;
Box of cheerios or something with a hole

Cut a piece of twine at least 15 inches. Whatever size you need just remember to have extra to tie off.
Start adding cheerios. You can tie one end in a knot if you think it will spill out.
When done tie the ends together in a double knot on a branch.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Snacks Bring A Little Sunshine!

I wanted the residents to have something we have not already tried in the past. Mexican ice cream is a delectable treat. However I needed a non-fry version. So I pieced a couple recipes together and came up with a refreshing sweet afternoon dessert!

What you need;
Slightly softened ice cream
unsalted butter
Squeeze bottle honey
whip cream in a can
Top off with a maraschino cherry or we did a yogurt pretzel.

Crush cornflakes in a baggy and then lightly saute with butter and cinnamon. Transfer to a jelly roll pan.
Roll ice cream into a ball as large you want it.
Roll ice cream in corn flake mixture.
You can let set up on a tray in the freezer or proceed to next step and serve.
Squeeze honey on top of ball. It will gently roll down sides.
Top with whip cream and put whip cream around ball.
Top with cherry or topping of your choice. Festive sprinkles are nice for a birthday.
Enjoy! We did!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Young Violinists Visit Us Again!

We are so lucky to have these two young men visit us every month. It is truly one of the resident's favorite events. They bring many smiles. A big thank you to their kind mother who is so gracious.  https://www.weplaymusic4you.org/

Excellent Music Every Time!

Birthday Cake!!!

Today we will celebrate Jan, Feb and March birthdays!
The bright, beautiful cake was shown to everyone while waiting for lunch. Everyone is excited for a sweet treat!
We will celebrate at 2 pm with coffee or tea.