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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Flower Day

Today we are making flowers from different mediums.
Don't throw paper scraps out as they are so useful!

Daffodils-made out of cupcake liners and centers are paper scraps. Will add a lollipop stem for stability.
Q-Tip Paintings-We used art paper so the paper does not roll with wet paint. Outlined a flower cookie cutter.  Q-tips make a neat pattern and are so easy to use. It makes it fun for people at all skill levels.
Egg carton flower-I hate wasting left over paint. So cut up egg cartons into squares. Take left over paint and color the inside. Add a lollipop stem for stability.

Water base paint
Small book of artist paper
Flower Cookie Cutter
Cupcake liners
Egg cartons

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