Hillside Manor A Personal Care Home Community

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Gingerbread Craft Turns Out Awesome!

On Tuesday it was chilly but, we were thinking about warm gingerbread cookies!
We used Strathmore artist paper so our gingerbread did not weigh down the paper.
One of my favorite craft tools are q-tips. They are easy to use and create an interesting design.
So we dabbed q-tips in different colors. Every gingerbread is unique and really makes our holiday display a pleasure to look at! Enjoy!
Dining room

The resident's art welcomes you!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A Cozy Chair in the Lobby

Isn't this the perfect spot to read a book among the festive decorations? Residents sure think it is!
Cozy up by the fire and the soft white lights on the mantle. Or sit with a friend and chat.
Welcome friends!

Crafty Residents Created a Beautiful Tree!

Our theme this year is Sweet Street! So a sweet tree seemed like the perfect idea for the dining room.
Residents worked all of November creating whimsical, handmade ornaments for the tree.
We created sweet dessert adult colorings. Each were hole punched and strung with yarn. Also cupcakes made out of Styrofoam and glitter. The most fun was making the felt candy. Everyone thought this was a clever craft. We rolled felt like sushi and then wrapped in cellophane and tied.
Visitors don't miss checking out this awesome, festive tree in the dining room!
Felted candy and glittered kitchen scoops!
Dave created a sundae with styrofoam, glitter and cotton balls!