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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Snacks Bring A Little Sunshine!

I wanted the residents to have something we have not already tried in the past. Mexican ice cream is a delectable treat. However I needed a non-fry version. So I pieced a couple recipes together and came up with a refreshing sweet afternoon dessert!

What you need;
Slightly softened ice cream
unsalted butter
Squeeze bottle honey
whip cream in a can
Top off with a maraschino cherry or we did a yogurt pretzel.

Crush cornflakes in a baggy and then lightly saute with butter and cinnamon. Transfer to a jelly roll pan.
Roll ice cream into a ball as large you want it.
Roll ice cream in corn flake mixture.
You can let set up on a tray in the freezer or proceed to next step and serve.
Squeeze honey on top of ball. It will gently roll down sides.
Top with whip cream and put whip cream around ball.
Top with cherry or topping of your choice. Festive sprinkles are nice for a birthday.
Enjoy! We did!

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